Nutrition Assistance Programs

SNAP (EBT/Food Stamps)

Our market accepts SNAP benefits! Instructions: To use your SNAP, go to the Market Management / Information Booth, tell the staff how much you would like to spend, and they will swipe your EBT card for the amount you request. You're then given your requested amount in $5 or $1 plastic tokens. You may not use your tokens to buy non-food items, and no change may be given. If you don't use all your tokens that day, you can save them to use another day at the market within the same calendar year. To see if you qualify for EBT/Food Stamps, contact: WV Department of Health & Human Services at (304) 258-1350. For more information or to read the complete USDA SNAP Rules visit


WIC (Women, Infants and Children) FMNP checks are specifically for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables at authorized farmers stands. Instructions: You can also use your WIC FMNP coupons to purchase fresh, unprepared fruits, vegetables and herbs at both of our farmers markets. WIC FMNP coupons may only be used between July 1 and October 30. For more information about WIC FMNP coupons, contact: Morgan County WIC Office at 304-258-6074.


The purpose of the Senior FMNP is to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to senior citizens. The program expands the awareness and use of farmers markets and also supports and promotes the daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Seniors (60 years plus) who meet the income requirements are eligible to participate in the Senior FMNP. Under the SFMNP, recipients receive checks to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from an authorized farmer's stand; these farmers display a large sign stating that they accept Senior FMNP checks. These checks may only be used between July 1 and October 30. For information on Senior FMNP coupons, please call: WV Department of Agriculture, Marketing & Development Division at 304-558-2210.

The Berkeley Springs Farmers Market is proud to say that we offers SNAP matching coupons!

What this means for SNAP recipients…. For each dollar a SNAP cardholder spends at the Market, MCAFF offers a coupon for another dollar! 

In 2014 a total of $2,000 in SNAP transactions were processed by MCAFF which means that SNAP recipients shopping at the Market received $4,000 in fresh, local produce.  A benefit to the shopper, the farmer and the local economy!  Everyone wins!

The Morgan County Association for Food & Farms (MCAFF) is a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization.  One of our programs offers SNAP recipients the opportunity to purchase fresh, local food at the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market.

This great program is coordinated through the use of grants and donations from individuals enabling MCAFF to offer DOUBLE COUPONS. To show your support or make a donation please contact MCAFF by email: or by phone:  304-676-1134 or by mail: 129 Fairfax St., Berkeley Springs, WV  25411

 Checks should be made to Morgan County Association for Food and Farms or MCAFF